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Mrs. Couch (7th-12th) – About Me

k[email protected]

Remind App Codes for Parents & Students

Class of 2024 - @c22da6

Class of 2025 - @7k2da2

Class of 2026 - @6f8b8e

Class of 2027 - @7ae7ff

Class of 2028 - @classofw03

Class of 2029 - @d3422h

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Ms. Clark (PK-6th) - About Me

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PK-12th Guidance Curriculum

7Mindsets Curriculum Introduction Video

Supplemental Curriculum: Random Acts of Kindness

Individual Planning

8th Grade Graduation Plan Meeting

Junior Class Meeting

KHS Graduation Plan One-Pager

Dual Credit Powerpoint

Amarillo College Dual Credit

TEA Graduation Toolkit

Texas First Early Graduate Program

Top 10% Rule




Introduction to Welding

Welding I

Welding II

Practicum in Welding

Certification - AWS 9.1, AWS 9.9

Principles of Construction

Construction I

Construction II

Mill & Cabinetmaking

Certifications – HBI PACT Core & Carpentry

Graphic Design & Multimedia Arts

Information Technology Support & Services

Principles of Arts/AV Tech/Comm

Graphic Design & Illustration I

Commercial Photography I

Graphic Design & Illustration II

Certification – Adobe Certified Professional

Principles of Information Technology

Computer Maintenance/Lab

Geographic Information Systems

IT Troubleshooting

Certification – TBD

eSports - Pilot

Teaching & Training

Introduction to eSports

eSports Management



Certification – TBD

Principles of Human Service

Human Growth & Development

Instructional Practices

Practicum in Education & Training

Certification - Educational Aide I

Health & Wellness

Family & Community Service

Principles of Human Service

Interpersonal Studies/Lifetime Nutrition

Human Growth & Development

Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

Certification - Pre-Professional Certification in Nutrition, Food, and Wellness

Principles of Human Service

Interpersonal Studies/Lifetime Nutrition

Human Growth & Development

Family & Community Service

Certification – TBD

Healthcare Therapeutic

Exercise Science & Wellness

Principles of Health Science

Medical Terminology

A&P (Replaces 1 science credit)

Health Science Theory

Practicum in Health Science

Certification – Certified Clinical Medical Assistant OR Certified Patient Care Technician

Principles of Exercise Science & Wellness

Kinesiology I

Kinesiology II

A&P (Replaces 1 science credit)

Certification - Pre-Professional Certification in Nutrition, Food, and Wellness

College/Career Exploration

Apply Texas – Common App for Texas Public Colleges/Universities

College Visit Form

Career Search Profiler

College Search

Work Values Inventory



SAT Prep
ACT Prep
TSI Information & Prep


Scholarships/Financial Aid

Going Merry

How to complete the FAFSA

6 Great Options for Scholarships

Check Google Classroom for local scholarships!


School & Community Resources

Texas School Mental Health

State MH Resource Database

KISD Maps - Additional Resources



Prevention of Child Abuse, Family Violence, Dating

Violence, and Sex Trafficking

7th-12th Instruction given by the local mental health authority – Crisis Center of the Plains

Family abuse reporting - TXAbuseHotline

Children’s Advocacy Centers – The Bridge

Texas Human Trafficking Resource Center

Dating Violence Resources

Teen Dating Violence Toolkit


Resources for Parents

Sexting Laws

Cyber Safety & Digital Responsibility

Mental Health Resources for Parents

Anxiety Resources for Parents

Healthy Habits Resources

Teen Health & Wellness

District-Wide Programs

September – Suicide Awareness Month

October - Red Ribbon Week (Substance Use)

November - Bullying Prevention & Kindness

February - Say Something

March - Sleep Awareness Week

April - National Stress Awareness Month

May - Mental Health Awareness


Kress Comprehensive School Guidance Program